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Smile Migration from Makkah to Al-Madinah الهجرة من مكة الي المدينه

التخطيط والإدارة الناجحة وحسن إدارة الموارد البشرية في الهجرة النبوية المباركة
عوامل كثيرة لنجاح الهجرة ، منها البيت المسلم الصالح ودوره في نجاح الهجرة .. تكاتف جميع قطاعات المجتمع لإنجاح الهجرة
Migration from Makkah to Al-Madinah was a successful and very well planned project or program. All people involved within the community did their roles perfectly well, starting from the elders, passing by the youth, and reaching even the little kids. Another reason behind this success was the presence of the true & real Muslim household containing a family built around high Islamic values and morals.
اليوم .. قراءة وتحليل عصري للهجرة .. ولنبدأ بسؤال حول أسباب تخلف العالم الإسلامي رغم كثرة خيراته وموارده ..إجابات متعددة ولكن القاسم المشترك الأعظم هو غياب الإدارة الناجحة والتخطيط الجيد
Today InShaa Allah we will analyze this great event with the 21st standards. What will your answers be if I ask you about the reasons for the lack of progress, underdevelopment, and the bad situation of the Muslim world, where the majority of people are poor & needy, contrary to the situation in non-moslim countries where the majority of people are very rich & strong.
You might give me many different answers but the most Common and relative answer will be that the problem lies in the absence of Successful management causing poor planning on all levels of life (Political, social, educational, commercial, ...). So definitely, it is not about a shortage of resources, as we all know that the Muslim world have abundance of all resources; human, mineral ,agricultural, or any other resources.
هنا يكون السؤال ، هل المشكلة في المسلمين أم في الإسلام ..سوء فهم معنى التوكل على الله .. خليها على الله .. ماشية بالبركة
The question here is: is this problem related to Islam as a religion or related to Muslims themselves? Some may say it is the problem of the religion itself, because of the common misunderstanding among a wide number of Muslims of the meaning of (Tawakkol) depending on Allah for every thing. They think that Tawakkol means they don't have to do any effort in accomplishing anything, other than believing in their hearts that since everything is by the hand of Allah, why would I do anything at all.
سنتعلم من الهجرة أن التوكل لا يكتمل إلا بالأخذ بالأسباب
From the prophet's migration we will learn that depending on Allah will not be complete without doing the best of the best, establishing and performing all required acts and efforts, meanwhile you believe that everything by the order of Allah (SWT).
بمراجعة كتب علم الإدارة الحديثة هناك ثلاثة أضلاع للإدارة الناجحة : تخطيط جيد وطموح غير محدود وعمل جاد لتحقيق هذا الطموح .. ونضيف إليها رابعا خاصا بالمسلم وهو الثقة التامة بالله والأمل في عطائه
I read many books discussing aspects of modern management. Almost all of them agreed that the successful management is a three-sided triangle: First: Proper and good planning. Second: strong ambition and high motivation. Third: hard and serious work.
We can add to these three elements another important factor which is the absolute confidence in Allah and complete hope in his sustenance.
إذا تأملنا الهجرة المباركة سنجد هذه العناصر الأربعة .. فكل شيء كان مخططا له بعناية فائقة
If we ponder over the prophet's migration we will clearly find all these four elements of success.
Look at the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his heart was full of belief that Allah will protect & save him from the disbelievers. In spite of that, he put the best plan for his migration. Everything was calculated accurately and very carefully:
هاجر ليلا مستخفيا
1- He migrated after midnight not during the daylight.
غادر البيت من تجويف في جدار البيت الخلفي
2- He left the house not from the door but from a big hole in the back wall of the house.
أمر عليا بالمبيت في فراشه
3- He ordered his cousin Aly ibn Abi Taleb to sleep in his bed instead of him to make the disbelievers think he is still sleeping.
سلك الطريق غير المتوقع بالذهاب جنوبا إلى غار ثور وليس إلى الشمال
4- He took the unexpected road, where normally he should be going north to Almadina but instead he went south to the mountain of Thawr.
كان الجبل بعيدا عن مكة بما يقرب من أربعة أميال
5- This mountain was about 4 miles from Makkah.
جبل ثور شديد الوعورة ولا يفكر أحد في صعوده
6- The mountain was very rugged and bumpy to the extent that nobody would think that the prophet would hide in that cave.
الاختباء في الغار لثلاثة أيام حتى يهدأ الطلب ويفقد القرشلون الأمل في القبض عليه
7- Hiding in this cave for three days until the disbelievers lose the hope of finding or capturing him.
تكليف أسماء بإحضار الطعام (سلاح الإمداد والتموين)
8- Asmaa the daughter of Abu Bakr was assigned to carry the food for the prophet & her father during their stay in the cave for three days.
أول من اهتم بحرب المعلومات وسلاح المخابرات
9- The prophet (PBUH) was the first leader realizing the importance of (intelligence warfare) or the first person who established a military intelligence agency , when he ordered Abdullah the son of Abu Bakr to gather information and find out. about the disbelievers plans and come to the cave after midnight to report it to the prophet (PBUH).
عامر بن فهيرة ومحو آثار أقدام عبدالله وأسماء
10- The servant of Abu Bakr, A’mer ibn Fohayrah was assigned to bring his sheep to erase the markings of the footsteps of Asmaa & Abdullah
استئجار خبير بطرق الصحراء غير المألوفة
11- He hired a trusted, honest & expert guide to lead him and Abu Bakr across the unknown roads
جهز أبو بكر راحلتين قويتين وأحسن تغذيتهما
12- Abu Bakr prepared two strong and good camels for this Journey and fed them the best food for a suitable period before traveling.
السرية التامة فلا يعلم أحد عن أدوار الآخرين شيئا
13- Maintain or keep complete confidentiality, where no one knew anything about the others roles .
حسن اختيار الكفاءات .. كلام السيدة عائشة عن مؤهلات أخيها عبدالله بن أبي بكر وعن دليل الصحراء عبدالله بن أريقط
14- Good selection of skilled qualified employees. The lady Aisha (MABPWH) said about her brother Abdullah ibn Aby Bakr: He was a smart young man and had a good memory. She also said About Abdullah ibnoryqet – the person who led the prophet and Abu Bakr – He was an expert in the hidden and unknown roads.
بتأمل هذه الخطة المتكاملة ندرك أنه يعلمنا صلى الله عليه وسلم التخطيط بعناية لكل عمل أو قرار في حياتك
Ponder over such great & Comprehensive plan and remember that: at the same time that he was the prophet and messenger of Allah, whom Allah promised to protect, He did all of that to teach us that if you are a real Muslim and a true believer, you must plan carefully for every act or decision in your entire life.
قارن ذلك بما يفعله المسلمون الآن على المستوى الفردي أو الجماعي . على المستوى الفردي لا تخطيط ولا دراسة جدوي لأي عمل أو قرار ، وسوء فهم لمعنى التوكل ،فالتوكل عمل القلب فماذا عن الجوارح الأخرى
Compare that with what is going on in our Muslim world today individually or collectively.
On the individual level, if you ask someone who intends to start a new business or project: did you make a feasibility Study? Or: did you plan well for this project? He will quickly answer you saying: what did you say? What is the meaning of that? let everything go on with the blessings of Allah.
No my dear brother or sister, There is a huge misunderstanding of the true dependence on Allah. You depend on Allah by your heart, but remember that Allah did not grant you only heart, but also granted you a brain to think, two hands to work, two legs to walk and run, a tongue to speak ... etc.
So, depending on Allah is the act of heart but the other parts of the body have to perform their duties at the same time.
على المستوى الجماعي والحكومي .. مشروعات بملايين الدولارات تذهب سدى .. نعم .. فساد ورشوة ولكن حتى عند عدم وجود فساد هناك عشوائية وتخطيط غير جيد أو لا تخطيط مطلقا
On the collective activities in the community or in the government actions level, we will find the same tragedy, disaster and randomness. Millions of projects & programs cost a lot of money and in the end they are of no use and go to waste.
I know that there is a corruption, bribery and favoritism, but even in many other the regular cases, there is no good planning or actually no planning at all.
دولة مثل اليابان بمواردها المحدودة ، ومع ذلك بالتخطيط الجيد وحسن الإدارة أصبحت ثاني أو ثالث أحسن اقتصاد في العالم .. وقصة المهندس الياباني
Take the example of a country like Japan, that has limited and scarce resources, but today it's in the second or third place in the economic world. In addition to that, Japan exceeded the United states in some technology fields.
I always recall this amazing story about a Japanese guy who traveled to Italy after the second world war, to earn his PHD, and was working for about 20 hours daily in a factory until he designed and custom made a new motor by himself. Then he went back home and built a motor factory that became now the top manufacturer in Japan. His factory saved Japan tens of millions in buying engines from overseas.

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